River of Life Revival Ministries

River of Life Revival Ministries was founded in 1998 as an outreach to equip, train and disciple ministers and lay leaders around the world.  Mark Simpson, founder, primarily ministers in Latin America, South America and Asia, but his heart for missions doesn't just go abroad, he reaches out to the mission field at home, too.  Teaching in churches all over the U.S., including Chicago, Pittsburgh, Denver and California, Mark focuses on the fact that when you were saved, you were called. 

With approximately 150 million born-again Christians, China is the largest church in the world —
each day 22,000+ people in China are finding a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In Latin America, new believers are numbering 15,000+ a day. There is no questioning the need for leadership and discipleship, not just in China or Latin America, but all over the world.

"We must be global Christians with a global mission, because our God is a global God." — John Stott

Our responsiblity to share the good news of Christ should go beyond the four walls of the church.  As a pastor, do you want your church to become a missions-minded church? Consider becoming a financial partner or participate in a short-term missions trip to Mexico, Peru or China. We'd love to have you!   

Contact us if you'd like Mark to speak at your church or coordinate a short-term missions team.  You can also support our ministry online.

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