Ministry in Latin America

Mark and Lois began ministry in Latin America in March 1975. Three days after their wedding, they were headed for Mexico as missionaries. In March of 1976, Mark began serving in Guatemala with an American family that moved there in August of that year.  In 1981, the Simpsons were off again, this time to the Amazon jungles of Peru. River of Life still goes to these three countries on a regular basis, as well as many others.

"Leadership Resources International" reports that in Central Mexico, 80% of the pastors have no formal training.  This has been our experience during our own ministry into Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Peru.

Utilizing many years of long and short term experience in Latin America, Mark and other ministers who will be working with River of Life, like our affiliate Sergio Villanueva of Devotion Ministries, will continue to work in leadership training for the churches, missions training for those interested in reaching this harvest field, and raising up workers who are able to equip Latin Americans in the other areas listed above.  Churches both here and overseas are beginning to hear God's specific vision for them and the part they are to play. This is vital because God's workers must work in conjunction with them, side by side, serving and equipping.

Ministry in Asia

Twenty thousand muslims perish daily without Christ. Asia is the home of the largest number of unreached groups, with huge muslim, buddhist, hindu, folk religion, communistic and animistic peoples still unreached with the Gospel. Similar to the Latin American strategy, River of Life focuses on leadership training along with the Holy Spirit guided use of creative methods to impact the last of the unreached.

Our strategy is to identify cultures and ethnic groups yet hidden and needy, find the keys and plan outreach that will plant and strengthen believing congregations among them. "Priorities must be re-arranged . . . it is all too easy to concentrate on those who are near and most like us."  (David Hesselgrave)

Mark makes regular trips to China, Cambodia, Indonesia and other Asian nations, regularly training their national church leaders. We have discovered that where the church holds the key to the nation, the leaders hold the key to the church. Therefore, when we help move church leaders forward in skills and maturity and character development, we can actually impact entire nations. 

At one Cambodian pastors seminar, the host pastor told Mark that he has over a 1,000 in his church. Mark asked him how much Bible training he had. The pastor explained that he had attended River of Life's seminar three months prior and was now there studying with Mark that week. He was using the two weeks trainig he had received to minister to over 1,000 people!  Mark came away from this event feeling aware of the unfairness of all we have available to us, while they use the smallest investment for absolute maximum return. This is why we go. We don't stop until the job is done.